Raised Pond Aquarium Kits

These unique large sized raised garden pond kits are strong, all-weather and decorative.

Easy to assemble (and disassemble if you wish to relocate within your garden, or if moving home) due to the bolt-together steel frame with sides and liner.

Available as a bare frame and liner, or with a decorative surround. Any standard fence panel will fit, reed / cane on a roll, or timber decking. Whatever best suits your garden.

Available in three sizes from 3680 litres (810 gallons) suitable for smaller fish such as Goldfish and Shubunkins, up to a giant 9820 litres (2160 gallons) suitable for Koi Carp.

The ponds have a minimum depth of 90cm (3 feet) which helps your fish to survive cold winter weather.

For more information and pricing see https://raisedpondkit.co.uk/.

photo:large raised garden pond

photo:large garden aquarium

Your quality guarantee

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